Once upon a time, you might have loved your tattoo. However, when those feelings fade, you are left with the decision of whether to get it removed. There are many considerations that go into deciding on tattoo removal. One more reason to contemplate removing your ink? The tattoo ink might be toxic to your health.

The Ink Spreads Beyond Your Skin

When you get a tattoo, the ink does not simply stay in that one area of your skin. As your body initially heals, it involves your lymph nodes, which could lead to the ink making its way into your lymphatic system. It is also possible that the particles within the ink circulate in your blood, which could increase your risk of health problems.

In a recent study, researchers found that in two of four tattooed individuals, the lymph nodes and skin contained small particles of ink. Another study recently found that the nanoparticles in skin and blood from black ink might increase your risk of cancer and neurodegeneration.

The Danger of Toxic Additives

It is not just the ink to worry about. Many inks also contain at least trace amounts of toxic elements, such as aluminum, copper, iron, nickel, and chromium. The researchers from the above study found that the two tattooed individuals also had higher levels of these elements compared to the non-tattooed individuals, which might have been due to the tattoo ink. All four tattooed bodies had increased quantities of titanium in their lymph nodes and skin, most likely due to one of the most common ingredients in inks used for tattoos: titanium dioxide.

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What Does This Mean?

Neither of these studies is definitive proof that tattoo ink causes health issues. However, they do point to the fact that there is potential for the ink to move around the body. Any toxic elements might negatively affect organs, including the brain. In some cases, you might be better off getting tattoo removal instead of allowing the ink to remain in your body.

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