As one of Rochester’s leading and most trusted dermatologists, Helendale Dermatology & Medical Spa does more than merely treat skin conditions.

We take an all-encompassing approach to wellness to help our patients improve their health, their confidence and their overall sense of well-being.

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Our medical grade skin care regimens for acne, rosacea, dermatiits or anti-aging solutions. Helendale Dermatology & Medical Spa is proud to offer a diverse selection of superior skincare products to help address a wide range of concerns. Order online with confidence, or get in touch with our staff to learn more and find the products that best address your needs and treatment plan.

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Cosmetic Dermatology

Dr. Elizabeth Arthur and her team of vastly skilled estheticians specialize in the treatment of everything from skin cancer and acne, to psoriasis, rosacea, shingles and many others.

Dermatology Conditions

Explore today’s most common skin problems, and learn more about the unique approach we take to help our patients treat, manage and protect their skin for a more vibrant life

Body Contouring

Advanced technology such as CoolSculpting allows those struggling with stubborn fat accumulation to improve their appearance and health without resorting to surgery

Medical Spa

Our full-service medical spa offers a comprehensive array of cosmetic treatments, as well as fully customized skin care plans to leave you looking and feeling your absolute best

Hair Loss Treatments

There are many effective options today for anyone concerned with hair loss, thinning hair and other common conditions. Visit the Hair Center at Helendale to explore them all

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Our patient center simplifies the process of managing your account, scheduling appointments and accessing important forms. Log in, register or get in touch for more information

Bridging the Gap Between Cosmetic Dermatology and Unwavering Compassion

Skin problems, regardless of their specific nature, can have a devastating impact on a person’s ability to live confidently.

At Helendale Dermatology & Medical Spa in Rochester, Dr. Arthur and her staff take pride in offering a full spectrum of effective skincare services to address both topical and underlying conditions. Whether you’re dealing with common challenges such as acne or psoriasis, or more serious issues including skin cancer, you can have total confidence in our expertise, experience and dedication to your treatment. Get in touch today to learn more, ask questions, or schedule a consultation.

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We’re located at 500 Helendale Rd, Suite 100, in Rochester, NY and open Monday through Friday.

Feel free to call us at 585-266-5420 during regular hours, or write to us confidentially through our website’s secure contact page.