Feel Newly Alive and Refreshed with a Skin Care Plan Customized Especially for You

At the Helendale Medical Spa, we offer you the opportunity to improve your skin’s appearance and health. As we strive to pamper you and repair your skin, we offer a variety of spa services including various laser treatments, peels, hair removal and skin condition treatments.

Dr. Arthur and her estheticians have years of hands-on experience with medical cosmetic treatments. With our medical-grade products, we build a skincare regimen targeted to your specific condition; you won’t get anything you don’t need from us. Not only do we address your cosmetic skin concerns, we also indulge you with every comfort in the process!

Why Choose Helendale?

The relationships we have here at Helendale are more than merely professional – we view both our staff and our patients as family. We don’t want to get you in and out as fast as possible – we want to take the time to get to know you and establish a relationship. Some of us, staff and patients alike, have been together for more than twenty years. To encourage a family-like atmosphere in our office, we diagnose your specific condition with genuine concern and sincere care. We spend our downtime trying to increase our patient’s experience, whether that means holding events, promoting patient surveys, educating our patients on skincare, and including them in their own diagnosis.

*Estheticians are not medical providers and do not treat or diagnose any medical conditions.