Medical Spa Peels

Our Medical Spa offers facial and other peels that are medical grade. They’re different than what you’ll find at alternate practices. All the products we use for our peels are associated with clinical trials and have been FDA-approved. They’re stronger than over-the-counter products and more precise at targeting specific areas. Each one will leave your skin feeling relaxed, rejuvenated, repaired, and ready to face the day.

*NEW* Peel Technology at Helendale

Enerpeel® by Glytone

Enerpeel® is a patented technology where remodeling ingredients are mixed with the peel solution, allowing peels to go deeper into the skin. The results are a more consistent, even peel with less side effects.

Enhanced Brightening Peel

A peel that softens fine lines, minimizes superficial “age” spots and other skin discolorations, and generally improves the tone & texture of your skin.

Enhanced Rejuvenating Peel

This is a deeper three acid peel that improves aging skin, for deeper wrinkles and sun damage.

Age-Defying Peel

These peels use pyruvic acid to decrease fine lines, wrinkles, and signs of premature aging skin. No downtime.

Radiance & Rosacea Peel

This mendelic acid peel was specifically created to help those suffering from Rosacea. It lessens the intermittent or permanent redness from this skin condition.

Brightening Peel

A peel for mild to moderate hyper-pigmentation, leaves you with a lightening brightening look to your skin.

Enerpeel® EL Eye & Lip Peel

Our Eye & Lip Peel works well in conjunction with our other peels. It helps to decrease fine lines around your eyes, hyper-pigmentation, droopy eyelids from gravitation, and dark circles under your eyes. As for your lips, after the peel your lips will look rounder and full, with fewer fine lines.

Acne Acid Peel Treatments

Glycolic Acid and Salicylic/Mandelic Acids are mild chemical solutions used to remove dead surface cells on the top layer of the skin. Often referred to as “lunchtime peels”, these treatments can be performed for smoothing rough, dry and sun-damaged skin, giving it a brighter appearance and fresher texture. This treatment will also reduce pigmentation and tame acne-prone skin.

Peels by SkinMedica

Vitalize Peel®

Our Vitalize Peel makes your skin look and feel younger. It guards against sun damage, the effects of the environment, and aging. This peel also effectively treats acne-related hyperpigmentation. You’ll experience a few days of down time.

Rejuvenize Peel®

Our Rejuvenize Peel has an advanced formula of peeling agents that penetrate deeply into your skin and include anti skin irritants. The uppermost damaged layers of your skin are exfoliated in a controlled fashion and the healthy, fresh underlayers of your skin are exposed. You’ll experience a few days of downtime but with predictable results.