With today’s advanced medication options, every case of acne can be addressed. We help reduce acne lesions and attempt to prevent new ones from forming.

Resolution Doesn’t Happen Overnight

A “miraculous, overnight healing” treatment for acne simply doesn’t exist, despite the promises of certain solutions. With any medication, you need anywhere from 6 to 8 weeks, on average, to see results. Even after your acne clears, you need to continue applying treatment to prevent it from coming back. If you don’t see improvement after 8 weeks, we adjust your treatment.

No Treatment is Universal to All

Many factors affect resolution from acne. Everyone has a different skin type that’s susceptible to various types of acne lesions. One patient’s treatment may not work for another.

Do You Need Help?

You may need Dr. Arthur to prescribe certain acne medication to help your specific situation. Dr. Arthur takes several factors into account before writing your prescription: how bad is your case of acne, what types of lesions are present, how old are you, what’s your skin type, and do you have the motivation to address this condition? Once we know the answers, we design a therapeutic solution for each individual that will effectively reduce the appearance of acne in due time and help prevent new lesions from forming. To get the most effective treatment and avoid scarring, you’ll need to get treatment as soon as possible.