Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) treatments offer an affordable option to repair skin damage from various diseases. The treatment involves using the patient’s own blood, which is sent through a specialized system to create a concentration of blood platelets. This platelet-rich plasma contains various growth factors that help remodel and repair skin damage.

Our Procedure

We first take a small vial of blood from your arm (less than what’s normally taken during a typical blood test). That blood will go through a specialized system that concentrates the blood platelets, providing platelet-rich plasma (PRP), which has the appearance and consistency of honey. We then apply the PRP to the top of the affected area. Topical PRP creates an environment that makes your skin act younger than it is.

For optimal results, we suggest getting several treatments. You may bruise where we draw blood, but you won’t likely develop an allergic reaction since we use your own blood.

Who Qualifies to be a Candidate for PRP?

Not everyone qualifies as a candidate for PRP. The state of the skin and blood disease might exclude patients from receiving the treatment. We also need to be aware of all prescription medications and supplements that you’re taking. All skin types or skin colors are candidates.