large rose tatoo on womans lower back

Do you regret your tattoo?

Currently, 36% of adults in the US have a tattoo, numbering around 45 million, and of that number, 17% regret their tattoo after all is said and done. Common reasons for tattoo regret include poor artisanship, wrong coloring/shading, and bad placement. Tattoos don't always age well. Some people try to cover their tattoos with a larger one, only to make it worse.

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Don't Regret Your Tattoo Any Longer

Whatever the situation, if you regret your ink, laser tattoo removal is a safe procedure that effectively targets ink pigments under the layers of skin.

How Laser Tattoo Removal Works

The PicoWay Complete Picosecond Platform, a high-intensity light-based laser, breaks up ink pigments under the skin. This laser technology takes 10 times the power that lights up the City of Paris and delivers it in short pulses to the target area. The PicoWay laser includes 3 wavelengths, 532 nm, 785 nm, and 1064 nm to treat tattoos of any color and on all skin types.

What to Expect for Tattoo Removal

The physician holds the laser to the skin as it pulses high-intensity light rays to the target area. Patients may experience minor discomfort and small pain, similar to the feeling of a rubber band snapping the skin.

The number of treatments depends on skin type, how long you've had the tattoo, and how deeply the ink penetrates the skin. The color and size of the tattoo also contribute to the number of office visits you'll need.

Each treatment is scheduled up to 8 weeks apart, depending on how quickly your skin heals after each session. You'll notice your tattoo gradually getting lighter between treatments.

There is some little downtime after treatment and the skin might feel raw for a day. Patients are asked to apply aquaphor for 5-7 days, and you should keep a non-stick bandage on for 5-7 days to protect the area as it heals. Don't be concerned if small scabs appear in a day or two; they usually fall off within a week.  

Before you begin laser tattoo removal, talk with a professional consultant to gain a detailed understanding of the procedure.