We all want to love our skin, and most of us have tried numerous times to find the skincare routine that magically makes our skin look young and healthy. But there's a problem: it's hard to commit to a skincare routine, especially if you've tried countless trendy skincare tips that didn't work.

That's why we asked some of our professional estheticians their favorite skincare tips and put together this useful list to help you build a skincare regime that will actually help your skin remain healthy and beautiful.

Always start with clean skin -- Kathi

Start your skincare routine with clean skin every. single. time. This means that you should start every morning and every night with a cleanser that is suited for your skin type. If you aren't sure what kind of cleanser is best for your skin type, you can ask anyone in the boutique at Helendale. We're always ready to help you find the best products for your unique skin type and skin goals.

Esthetician Kathi Obi gives us some insight in how to properly use a cleanser: "Use your cleanser for one full minute, rinsing at least 20 times with lukewarm water and then a quick splash of cool water. Pat dry. You are now ready for your products!"

Think thinner to thicker -- Kathi

When your skin is all clean and it's time to start applying your products, think thinner to thicker. This means starting with your serum then moving on to your heavier products such as moisturizers and creams.

Your thinner products will have a more difficult time penetrating the thicker products, so the order in which you put on your products is important to make sure you're getting all of your products' benefits.

Use sunblock every single day -- Stacey

Sun damage can happen in minutes, regardless of time of year or cloudiness outside. To avoid damage to your skin, we recommend using a sunblock every day. But be careful--we're recommending sunblock, which contains natural ingredients like zinc and titanium, as opposed to sunscreen, which is often chemical-based.

"Always use an antioxidant during the day with a sunblock!" Esthetician Stacey Tesch recommends for a healthy skincare routine.

Layer your products -- Jamie

"Winter is very difficult on our skin. The harsh weather causes our barrier function to be compromised allowing moisture to escape our skin," notes Esthetician and Permanent Makeup Artist Jamie Scalise.

To combat this problem, Jamie recommends using a super hydrating serum to add moisture then layering Cicalfate Cream over top to 'seal in' the serum as well as your skin's natural moisture. The Cicalfate will also protect your skin from the extreme winter elements!

For an effective hydrating serum, he recommends Avene Hydrance Intense.

ALWAYS use an exfoliator at night -- Stacey

At the end of the day, after you use your cleanser again, don't forget to use an exfoliator...and we do not mean a scrub! A chemical exfoliator will work wonders to help keep your skin looking young.

"As we age our skin does not turn the cells over on its own as quickly as when we were younger, so using a Retinal or Glycolic is a must!" Stacey comments.

Skincare is a lifestyle change -- Melissa

The top reason skincare regimens fail? As long as you choose the correct regimen for your goals, the top reason your skincare routine may fail is inconsistency. A highly effective skincare routine is also a consistent one, one that happens every single day.

We love the way our Esthetician Melissa Tambe describes an effective skincare routine: "It is like an effective diet and exercise routine. In this case, the "diet" would be the right products applied to your skin and "exercise" would be how consistent you are so that you can age gracefully with healthy, beautiful skin."

We get it: getting into the habit of a healthy, consistent skincare regimen is hard, but the road to loving your skin is paved with these skincare tips. Don't worry, though, at Helendale, you'll be surrounded by skincare professionals who are more than willing to help you find the right products and develop the right skincare routine for you.