How well do you know and trust your skin moisturizer? If you purchase items off the shelf at some of the big box stores, then you might be in for a big surprise. A recent study found that some of the claims on moisturizers are not entirely true, which could mean your skin care routine is not providing the benefits you want.

Why People Use Moisturizer

The purpose behind skin care moisturizers is to prevent dry skin through assisting in the retention of moisture. Additionally, lotions can help to fight inflammation and protect against infection for those with certain skin disorders. However, when they contain certain inflammatory ingredients and common allergens, it can have the opposite effect.

Don't Believe the Label

A recent study reviewed 100 of the most popular body moisturizers from Wal-Mart, Amazon, and Target. Even those that claim to be hypoallergenic still contained some allergenic ingredient. In fact, a full 83 percent of hypoallergenic products featured an allergen. To further complicate, 45 percent of fragrance-free products actually included fragrances.

Even products that state "recommended by dermatologist" might not be imparting the whole truth. The study also found that manufacturers do not have to state whether it is just one or a few dermatologists or thousands who support the brand.

How Does This Happen?

How can manufacturers do this? Loopholes in the regulations from the FDA. FDA guidelines do not require the listing of every single fragrance a moisturizer might use, so manufacturers do not have to be completely transparent.

What Can You Do?

What this study tells us is that finding the right moisturizer for you, especially if you suffer from a skin disease such as eczema or psoriasis, is more complicated than simply going to the store and finding something that states it is hypoallergenic. Instead, you can purchase medical-grade products through a trusted dermatologist.

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