April 2019 marks Helendale's fifteenth anniversary. Since our humble beginning, it has been our mission to make our patients feel like family, welcoming all and striving to help them find the most healthy and beautiful version of themselves.

This month, Dr. Arthur reflects on the history of Helendale:

"Fifteen years ago, armed with nothing but enthusiasm and borrowed furniture, a group of nine women founded Helendale Dermatology and Medical Spa. The early days in the temporary office on East Ridge Road were tough, but we look back with fondness.

When we moved into our home on July fourth weekend, every family member, friend, and pharmaceutical rep was there; painting, hanging quilts, moving furniture, putting things together, and cleaning. It was a testimony to who we were as a group and who we all strive to be.

We started the practice as co-workers and we quickly became family. It was during that time that we wanted our patients to feel the same way.

Today I thank both our staff and our patients for being part of the Helendale family. Blessings to all of you. Thank you."