Autumn is the perfect time for pumpkin-spice, pretty leaves, cute scarves, and medical facial peels. If you're considering having a medical facial peel, this is just the season to do it!

Medical peels are a great way to relax, rejuvenate, and repair your skin. They remove the top layer of damaged skin cells to reveal younger, healthier skin cells. Peels can:

  • Soften fine lines
  • Improve aging and decrease wrinkles
  • Reverse sun damage and discolorations
  • Smooth your complexion and improve skin texture
  • Help those with conditions such as Rosacea
  • And more!

Here are five reasons you should schedule your peel for the Fall.

1.) Medical Peels Repair Recent Summer Damage

If you've had a busy summer (and really, who hasn't?), you probably spent some time outdoors, on vacation, or by the pool. If so, your skin might have developed some sun damage.

A medical-grade peel works to repair your skin that has been exposed to the summer sun's damaging rays. Peels can soften fine lines around your eyes and lips and can decrease hyperpigmentation -- both of which often worsen in the summer sun.

2.) You Can Stay Indoors and Out of UV lights

Some peels require a fair amount of care after the appointment while others require very little. Regardless of which kind of peel you have, you will need to keep your fresh skin out of the sun for a few days following your appointment.

Too much sun exposure can cause complications for your newly uncovered skin, and it could even cause hyperpigmentation and color changes.

As summer winds down and fall weather ramps up, chances are you'll be spending more time indoors anyway, so you won't have to shake up your routine too much to keep your beautiful healing skin safe from harmful UV rays.

Additionally, after having spent the prior months in the sun, your skin is more conditioned to sunny conditions and you are slightly more protected from sun exposure in the fall. But it's still best to stay indoors.

3.) You Can Beat the Heat

Similar to how UV rays can tamper with your facial peel's final result, too much heat on your new skin can impact your peel's effectiveness. Heat can incubate the pigments in your fresh skin cells and increase the likelihood of hyperpigmentation.

Temperatures in the fall are often far cooler than those in the middle of the summer, so fall is again the ideal season to consider a medical peel.

4.) You Will Have Plenty of Time to Recover and Re-Peel

Some medical peels require multiple appointments for the best results. If you need a series of peels, fall is definitely the time to start.

When your series of peels begins in the fall, you will probably be able to complete your series during the colder months ahead when you will naturally want to spend your time indoors.

By the time the sunshine months roll back around, your skin will be rejuvenated and ready for the summer.

5.) Medical Peels are Strong but Safe

Medical peels can be an excellent addition to your fall routine, addressing dark spots, rejuvenating your skin, and making you feel younger and refreshed. Our peels are stronger than over-the-counter products and precisely target specific areas, and clients can often see results very quickly.

We understand there are some misconceptions about the safety and comfort of medical peels. That's why Helendale Dermatological Spa only uses medical-grade, FDA-approved products that are specialized to fit your needs. We offer numerous products so that we can tailor your treatment to meet your timeline and desired final results.

We also work with you to get the right products and plan for caring for your skin after your appointment.

Check out our line of Medical Spa Facial Peels, and request an appointment for the fall!