At first, no one likes change. We do everything to try to avoid it. Procrastination? Need I say more?

We are all guilty of it of it at some point. When it comes to your skincare regimen, however, you should never procrastinate when you need to change your routine based on your skin's current condition, its needs and the environment (both internal and external).

We are all creatures of habit. Let's face it. Many of you may be using the same cleansers and moisturizers that you used as teenagers.

It's common that I have to remind my patients, who want healthy skin, that their skin is not the same as when it she or he was 15 years old - just as our bodies, our metabolisms, the way we approach problems, etc., have changed over time.

How often should you change your skincare regimen? I personally do it daily. I like to change things up. Some days my skin appears oily, other days it's dry, and then there are the days that I tend to breakout.

As we embark on nicer weather, I encourage you to get to know your skin and change your skincare up routine a bit. Think of it as spring cleaning of your skin.

Dr. Arthur