Dr. Arthur has been nominated for the ATHENA Award® which seeks to honor those who have strived for personal and professional accomplishment, who have contributed to the community in a significant way, and who have done much to pave the way for other high-minded business professionals to follow the example.

Leadership Roles and Contributions to the Community;

Board Member, National Center for Missing & Exploited Children/NY Regional Office

Dear Committee Members:

Please accept this correspondence as letter of support and positive recommendation for Dr. Elizabeth Arthur in your considerations for the prestigious 2017 ATHENA Award. As Executive Director of the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children/NY Regional Office (NCMEC/NY), I have had the distinct honor and pleasure of knowing and working closely with Dr. Arthur for 10 years in her role as Board Member, volunteer and advocate for children.

I believe wholeheartedly that Dr. Arthur exhibits the 8 tenets reflective of her contribution to leadership. She exhibits the highest degree of professionalism in her work, steadfast dedication to the ideals of community involvement, advocacy, collaboration, relationship building and setting an example of personal and professional growth and leadership that is both inspiring and motivational.  

As Board Member and volunteer for NCMEC/NY, Dr. Arthur has championed the mission of protecting children across our community and beyond. This is a difficult advocacy, and it's challenging to reach adults and parents on these issues. No one typically wants to think about such horrific risks to our kids. Dr. Arthur takes on this challenge with a unique combination of vigor and grace which is a delicate balance that opens eyes and ears to a thoughtful conversation, with great success.

r. Arthur understands the challenges of nonprofit survival and works tirelessly to support the NCMEC/NY. She is an example of great leadership in the efforts of fundraising for our advocacy. In addition to her personal and professional financial contributions, she builds relationships that have resulted in a far reaching effect, multiplying donations and contributions for the charities that she supports.

Dr. Arthur is "hands on," regularly bringing donations directly to the Center and setting a personal example to challenge others to contribute and volunteer. These are not easy tasks to undertake.  Fundraising is extremely difficult and very uncomfortable for most people; to be successful, it demands leadership that is balanced, gentle, encouraging, and inspirational. Dr. Arthur is the epitome of these qualities and characteristics.  We are blessed to have her working on behalf of the children and families in our community.

It is with great enthusiasm that I recommend Dr. Arthur for the coveted 2017 ATHENA Award.

Women's Council ATHENA Award Review Committee