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A Weight Loss Plan That Can Change Your Life

weight loss plan

A Weight Loss Plan that Can Change Your Life


The Helendale Weight Loss Center began 4 months ago and has already witnessed outstanding success from its participants. To date, the record loss for the Full Meal Replacement plan is 40 lbs. and the record for the Partial Meal Replacement is 15 lbs.

What’s the hardest part of the Weight Loss Center?

The most challenging part of the program, according to the patients, is the initial transition from normal food to food replacements. Society doesn’t make the transition any easier, what with the bombardment by TV food commercials, posters of delicious food, work lunches, and dinner events. Patients are given a limited number of “emergency meals” – a meal of normal food that they can use when they deem necessary, but in order to reach their goal weight, patients must use these sparingly.

For the first few weeks of the program, patients do experience hunger pains, but those pains go away when the body enters ketosis – the metabolic process that changes carbohydrates from food into energy. After the first two weeks (approximately) the body realizes it doesn’t have enough carbohydrates, so it starts burning fat (aka energy storage).

What is the program like?

Dr. Conley begins by addressing eating behaviors for the first 4-5 weeks while the patients are on meal replacements. Patients may be emotional eaters, binge eaters, etc. One of the simplest rules of any weight loss program is, Don’t eat when you’re not hungry. Patients might think they’re hungry – and may even feel what they’d call “hunger pains” – but in reality, it’s psychological. Limiting food is hard, but it’s completely doable!
When patients start feeling those “triggers” that usually prompt snacking, Dr. Conley recommends occupying the mind with healthy distractions, such as journaling, exercise, meditation, or socializing with friends. Accountability goes a long way with this program.

How often do patients meet?

Patients meet with Dr. Conley once a week to record their progress, get weighed, and have their vitals checked. Every Thursday, all weight loss patients come together for an exercise class with a physical trainer. The meeting is an exciting time for the patients as they encourage one another, learn valuable exercises, share their success, and collectively cheer each other on!

How is real food used?

Once patients are slowly reintroduced to normal food, they are educated with nutrition information and how to balance food intake with exercise. It all starts with a simple question: “Why do we need food?” Patients learn how net carbohydrates, protein, and glucose affect the body and how portion control of each food group is extremely important.

What happens when a patient reaches his/her ideal weight?

When a patient reaches a healthy weight range, they can tailor their own maintenance plan as they see fit, but Dr. Conley is always there for support. Patients can choose to continue their weekly meetings, or reduce them to once a month. If the scale ever changes, the Weight Loss Center at Helendale is always there for the patients.

“We all stumble sometimes, but it’s what we do afterwards that really matters. When we make a mistake, we need to forget it, move on, and focus on the future.” ~ Dr. Rachel Conley


Read a few testimonials from real patients at Helendale!

“Being on the very low calorie diet is not easy BUT it does work if you let it. Just look at my picture. It’s sheer proof. The key to success is not only a mindset but the staff at Helendale are very supportive throughout the entire program. They are truly exceptional people & I couldn’t have done it without them!” ~ Culleen

weight loss planweight loss plan  weight loss plan







“I’ve lost 33 pounds on the VLCD – very low calorie diet. As an adult I have always struggled with my weight. I have tried every diet there is. This was very easy for me. I didn’t have to think about preparing meals, I enjoyed the food choices and I was never hungry. Weekly meetings and weigh ins were helpful to stay on track. I have transitioned to the low calorie diet to lose the last 10 pounds. I have added prepared meals by edibles to my food plan. Dr. Conley has been with me every step of the way!” ~ Trish



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