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The Weight Loss Center at Helendale

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By Dr. Rachel Conley


We at Helendale Dermatology & Medical Spa are very excited to announce our new medical weight loss program. Although many people know that weight gain affects our metabolism, cholesterol, blood sugar and blood pressure, not everyone knows that it also affects our skin. Our diet literally affects our whole body. Our mission at Helendale is to provide comprehensive services that let you look and feel as great as you are.

Why Medical Weight Loss?

Obesity is recognized as a disease. I am a board-certified bariatrician – a physician who specializes in obesity – we are ready to help you reinvent your previous lifestyle. We have the tools, such as medications, diet plans, and behavior analysis, to address your condition head-on. Since we use a medical approach to weight loss, our programs are medically supervised. With us, you get the accountability you need to succeed.

What’s Our Program Like?

Our program is specific to each patient. We first want to hear about your personal weight loss goals. How much weight do you want to lose? What’s a healthy time frame for your weight loss program? If you have 40 lbs. or more to lose, we offer meal replacements for a limited time (about 8wks.) to get you started on healthier habits. If you have 15-20 lbs. you want to lose, we offer partial meal replacements. We’ll ask if you are currently taking medication that can affect your weight or if you suspect the reason for your weight gain (are you a nervous eater? a binge eater? etc.).

Your first appointment usually takes an hour. We begin with a screening for your initial assessment. We’ll monitor your blood work and electrolytes, check your vitals, etc. We also want to know if you’ve ever tried other weight loss programs and why they didn’t work.

The Following Weeks

You’ll follow up with weekly visits as you transition to a healthier lifestyle. We help you with all dietary changes as you re-learn how to eat. The goal isn’t to keep you on meal replacements, but to establish healthy eating habits that last a lifetime.

Our exercise trainer creates a simple exercise routine for you based on your specific capabilities. We have weekly group meetings to support you on this journey. We have also partnered with Edibles Restaurant to provide fresh gourmet prepared meals as a food choice for you.


We only accept cash pay. We’ll be happy to provide you with a superbill that you submit on your own to your insurance company or flex spending/HRA account for reimbursement.


Our program gives you the whole package of diet and exercise. No patient will be lost. We stay by your side and keep you healthy and in love with your body. We want to help patients get excited about their health and wellness.

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