Brand: Ducray


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An innovative formula that strengthens weakened, thinning hair. Hair is revitalized, stronger and thicker-looking. This lotion has a light, non greasy formula with a delicate scent.

• Reduces the appearance of hair loss
• Strengthens and fortifies for thicker, healthier hair
• Preserves hair density
• Absorbs immediately into scalp without oily residue

• Peptidoxyl-4 + Monolaurin support anagen phase (growth phase) by normalizing hair cycle
• Peptidoxyl-4 helps boost microcirculation while providing nutrients and oxygen to the hair bulb
• Monolaurin visibly reduces hair thinning
• Tocopherol Nicotinate + GP4G (Diguanosine Tetraphosphate) nouish and energize the hair bulb

SIZE: 3.3 FL. OZ


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