How to Get Rid of Double Chin; Kybella vs. Smartlipo

how to get rid of double chin

Are you sick of your double chin? This extra pocket of fat, clinically referred to as “submental fullness,” can make individuals look heavier than they really are. If you’re done with that extra pad of chin fat, you have several options to have it removed – Kybella or Smartlipo. Take a look at this comparison to discover which one is right for you.

Length of Procedure

Kybella takes about 15-20 minutes per session. It consists of a series of injections, usually 2-4 sessions that are each done 6-8 weeks apart. Kybella works well for patients with smaller submental fat, that part under the chin that’s easy to pinch.

Smartlipo, which is done as a one-time procedure, takes an hour and a half. If a patient has a fuller neck, looser skin, or a fat pad that extends down the side of the neck, we recommend the more aggressive procedure of Smartlipo.

The Process

Kybella and Smartlipo both effectively treat submental fullness, but their process differs significantly.


Kybella is a naturally-occurring enzyme called deoxycholic acid that dissolves fat in our gastrointestinal tract. Deoxycholic acid can be manufactured in a lab, resulting in a non-human, non-animal substance that is injected into the “fat pad” of the double chin. The fat is then dissolved, never to return once all sessions are complete.

Kybella has been FDA-approved to treat only submental fullness. It’s likely that in future years it will be approved to treat additional areas such as love handles, abdomen, thighs, and knees. However, using Kybella for areas other than the chin might be cost-prohibited. Fortunately, Smartlipo offers an affordable and effective alternative to treating areas other than the neck, and has been FDA-approved to treat additional areas than just the neck.


When Smartlipo is performed on smaller areas, it’s called Precision. During a precision treatment, the target area is first numbed with tumescent fluid, a diluted anesthetic that targets a specific area, and is not injected into the bloodstream as are other anesthetics.

Smartlipo is a very straightforward procedure, and much more gentle than neck Liposuction. A laser fiber is inserted into the target area to melt away the fat. For larger target areas like love handles and abdomen, the process is called Smartlipo, but the technology remains the same.

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Price Comparison

Kybella treatments may initially cost less than Smartlipo, but multiple sessions are required to complete the process. If patients pre-pay for all Kybella sessions, we offer a premium price. All payments are due on the day services are rendered.

What to Expect?

With both procedures, patients can expect to be swollen immediately after the procedure for the first 48 hours. During a Smartlipo procedure, patients wear a garment for up to 48 hours to help with the swelling. With Kybella, a garment is not needed. For both procedures, microscopic swelling can last for the next couple months, but the majority of the swelling happens during the first 48 hours.

Results last forever for both Kybella and Smartlipo. The submental fat pad is completely eliminated, since the fat cells are actually destroyed. During these procedures, we prevent a “ledge” of fat from collecting beneath the skin by “feathering” the area with injections. There’s no pain, but mild discomfort can occur due to the swollen skin. Neither Kybella nor Smartlipo creates scarring.

Once their procedure is complete, patients can expect great results. *Final results are typically seen 3-6 months after either procedure is complete. The recovery is quick and painless. People don’t experience much bruising. During consultations, patients often ask, “Will it hurt?” Although both Smartlipo and Kybella include mild discomfort, nothing truly “hurts.”

Men vs. Women

During their consultation, each patient is analyzed on an individual basis to determine which procedure is best for them. Some men are better Smartlipo candidates since they often have a fuller submental area than women and need a more aggressive approach. But some men are great Kybella candidates – each individual is different! Women are great candidates for both.

Why Choose Smartlipo over Kybella or Vice Versa?

Some patients don’t want anything invasive, so they go with Kybella, which includes simple injections to the target area. Other patients want to be more aggressive with their double chin, so they choose Smartlipo, a minimally invasive procedure.

We don’t recommend CoolSculpting for necks because it will leave behind an unsightly ledge of fat, as mentioned above.

If you’re still unsure which procedure is right for you, request a complimentary consultation and we’d be happy to sit down with you and further discuss your options.

Eliminate your double chin once and for all!

*Results vary for each patient.

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